This presentation is meant to imply that real spiritual experiences are not hallucinations, but they are neurological and physiological events

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Science & Spirituality


The research I do is on very fascinating subjects - bridging science & spirituality. one of the areas, that I have worked extensively is prolonged fasting & I have created a working hypothesis


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Introduction & Aims


Gyan Sagar Science Foundation formed in September-2009 for bridging the science and society with the blessings of Param Pujya Sarakudhharak Shri 108 Gyan Sagar Maharaj Ji. We have 35 founder members out of them 31 are the eminent scientist of India

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Sports Review

NIH-Funded Study Unveils Potential Genetic Links t


Cooperation Agreement

Dutch government agency CBI and Ms Katja Schuurman

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Jainism and Science


Jainism is perhaps one of the most scientific religions in world and therefore it is still relivant to the society and the world. I do not find any contradiction between Jainism and science. It throws ample light on the real nature of substance or matter as propounded by Jain thinkers. Jain metaphysics approves of the scientific axiom that nothing is destructible.


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